What's New in MODERN

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in every home and gets extensive use on a daily basis. The bigger the family is, the more use the bathroom will get. Bathroom fixtures must be reliable and in good working order when you need to use them. But you also want your bathroom to look good and feel comfortable. Modernizing your bathroom can make it more inviting to use.

A Popular Upgrade BATHTUBS & SHOWERS

You’ll always want your bathtub or shower fixture to be clean and mold-free. When building or installing a bathtub or shower, always try to use materials that are easy to clean and have mold-resistant characteristics. If you don’t expect to ever use a bathtub, you can remove it and build a shower-only area, if space permits. The walls around a bathroom or shower should be waterproof but they can also be decorative using a variety of materials. To modernize your bath plumbing, you can install fixtures with automatic temperature control, steam fittings, and flexible hand-held sprayers.

Modern Convenience BATHROOM VANITY

Most pre-formed vanity sinks are very small and limited to washing only hands. But if you like washing your hair in the sink every now and then, install a sink with a larger bowl, and use a faucet that rises high enough to fit your head between the water spout and the bowl. Other considerations include the location of your vanity and other bathroom fixtures, windows, air circulation, lighting over the vanity, and faucet design. Another popular option is having a vanity with two sinks. Motion-activated faucets and soap dispensers are available to provide a modern convenience to your bathroom.

Smart Alternative THE MODERN TOILET

You might think that a toilet is just a toilet, and in most cases, it probably is. But today, you can also modernize your toilet with the latest technology and innovative ideas. Toilets now come in many styles ranging from traditional to tankless models or hidden tanks that are built inside the wall. Some toilets have a quiet-flush feature. Toilet seats can be heated or cushioned for more comfort and also come with a built-in night light or automatic closing lids. For those who want to go all out, you can install a toilet with a built-in bidet feature with retractable spout and temperature-controlled water.


Before you decide to remodel your bathroom by simply replacing the existing fixtures with similar ones, take a good look at what’s available today that can transform your bathroom to a new modern look and feel. Technology is changing faster than ever before, so it is a good idea to research the latest ideas and innovations to see what new kinds of construction materials, fixtures, and techniques are available for your bathroom remodel project. For a completely new look, 3D bathroom and kitchen design software is available to help you finalize the design you want before you decide to remodel.